​May I bring people with me ?

Do I need to make an appointment ?

Yes I offer appointment only, this is due to how my shop is set up and myself being the only staff member.

I also feel it makes the appointment very relaxing as you don't have people walking in and out of the shop while you are trying on gowns and you will have my undivided attention !

​No. However we often find that when a bride tries on ‘the perfect dress’ she won’t want to try on anything else.

If you want to have someone come along for further advice and a second opinion, i recommend that you try to narrow it down to a few favourites from those tried on so it will be easier the next time to make your final choice.

​Do I have to choose my dress at the first appointment ?

​When should I order my dress ?

​Yes of course, however, i do recommend that you try and keep this to one or two additional people. Otherwise you will have too many opinions!

But more are welcome if that's what you would like.

I also welcome children in my store, but be please can you try to keep control of them !

​Each Bridal gown is ordered individually, and will take approximately 12-24 weeks from order to delivery.

You will also have to allow time for any alterations that may be needed. 

I recommend ordering your dress at least 7-8 months before your wedding day.

Although you can leave a small deposit on your chosen gown a lot earlier if you choose.

Please note: Seamstress charges (re: hems/final bodice work etc) are charged in addition to the cost of the gowns/dresses. Details are available on request.